Weight Loss


- when your clothes look bigger

- you eat a lot and can't gain weight

- you eat a lot and you loosing weight/muscles

- when you spend a lot of time near the mirror looking at your body

- when you measure your body weight every day/few days a week

- poor appetite [eat less than 3 full meals - less than 2,000 Calories]

- when the food sits in the stomach and you can't eat regular portions/meals

- when you tell your friends and family that ''I need to gain some weight/muscles''


Hormones - Balancing your adrenal hormones that control blood sugar is absolutely essential to keeping weight in balance. 

Digestion - Hydrochloric acid [HCL] deficiencies, pancreatic enzyme deficiencies and gall bladder dysfunction are all common causes of poor digestion and absorption of nutrients which can lead to a breakdown state, which referred to as a catabolic state. Catabolic State [breakdown] - is opposite to the process of Anabolic State [repair]. Catabolic State is when your body operating under stressful conditions and isn’t able to repair itself adequately. Under catabolic conditions we breakdown our OWN muscles, our OWN organs and our OWN bones. On a long term this breakdown ultimately leads to weigh loss and degenerative diseases.