Pavlo Pavley had begun his health journey at the age of 6 when he became sick every month with a sore throat and colds. At the age of 17, he clearly understood that something was wrong with his body, but unfortunately, he couldn't find professional advice. By the age of 20, he started seeing different doctors, doing dozens of conventional tests to understand the root of the problem, but nobody could find anything.
Finally, he has tried many natural strategies, which were available such as diets: paleo, vegan, raw, fruitarian, vegetarian, elimination [drinking protein shakes only for two months], fasting, cleansing programs. He has finished yoga training courses and has tried doing a lot of meditation without significant results. Additionally, he has completed multiple wellness school programs.
As a result of his continuous search, Pavlo has decided to seek advice from 4 Medical Doctors, 3 Naturopaths, 3 Chinese Doctors, a Holistic Nutritionist, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Osteopath with no significant results and sometimes even opposite - health declining effects. After all of these experiences, Pavlo has understood one important thing - if he did not figure it out by himself - nobody would.
Initially, Pavlo has heard about Functional Medicine and its testing before, but he has never tried it as it was not affordable. As soon as he became financially stable in his Real Estate career, he has decided to put a full gear and invest all of his savings into finding the root cause of his health problems. He had hired one of the most renowned Functional Medicine Practitioner and began studying Functional Medicine and apply all the practical knowledge to himself.
In a few months, his health began to change, slowly but confidently. This progress was one of the best times in his life, as it gave him a lot of confidence in his beliefs. After this experience, Pavlo decided to devote his life to practicing, namely Functional Medicine, as he would always remember his suffering and pain, which motivated him to help others.
Moreover, Pavlo has completed Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Yoga Teacher Training.