Low Energy


- when you tire easily once the activity has begun

- when you watch TV, movies or youtube everyday

- when somebody asks you to do something and you forget

- tiredness can be physical as well as emotional exhaustion

- when you walk to the room and you forget why you came here

- when you came to the grocery store and you forget what to buy

- when you know that you have to do staff but you keep procrastinating

- when you are not organized in the house, car, room, office and your life

- when is difficult with concentration and memory to start or complete an activity

- when you planned your day in the morning and you didn't do the tasks you wanted


Hormones - adrenal and thyroid hormones regulate energy levels.

Digestion - unstable blood sugar [insulin resistance], over-consumption of carbohydrates/sweets, food sensitivities - are all contribute to fatigue and chronic undetected infections that weaken immune function are a leading cause of fatigue.

Detoxification – The inability to eliminate heavy metals and chemicals stored in the body can contribute to fatigue.